IT talent solutions

Save time and money with our smart skilled managed team to optimize your IT staffing needs along with IT augmentation services for quick turnaround. Utilise our smart dedicated teams of technocrats that are expert to fulfill all your project needs with the highest possible outcome within time and budget.

IT talent offerings for speeding the sourcing and development process

Dedicated development team

A dedicated software development team is a group of skilled software developers who work exclusively on a specific software project or set of tasks. A company usually hires them when they want to focus solely on developing, maintaining, and improving software applications or systems. A dedicated software development team usually consists of a few key roles, each with its own responsibilities and duties. The team can be deployed at customer location or remote.

Offshore delivery center

An offshore development center is a development company that provides you with software development services but is located in another country. ODC model helps to get access to a large talented developers pool with lower costs for development services, allows enterprises to save funds and speeding up the productivity in recruiting, optimizing accounting, human resources, and office budgets.

IT staff augmentation

IT staff augmentation focuses on in-house team expansion by outsourcing the required talent. This helps a company to stay agile, averting the hassles of recruiting in-house professionals, especially if specialists or high-level talent are needed.

Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition refers to identifying and acquiring skilled workers to meet your organizational needs. The talent acquisition service includes identifying, acquiring, assessing, and hiring candidates to fill open positions within a company with deep understanding of the company’s needs.

Benefits of talent engagement models from infimetrics

Technical Expertise

Access to bigger talent pool

Scale up or down

Saves money and time


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