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Job Details

Job Title :Java + PHP Developer(4-5 years)

Experiance :4-5 yrs years of experience.

Location : REMOTE

Short Description :Mandatory Skills: PHP (Medium weightage) Java (High weightage) Spring boot Microservice/ Monolith / Serverless (any 2 out of these) LLD - Good DSA - medium level (String manipulation to tree and graph) Candidate_persona Backend Development:Expertise Level: Intermediate to Advanced API Design and Integration:Expertise Level: Intermediate Database Management:Expertise Level: Intermediate Cloud Computing (AWS):Expertise Level: Beginner to Intermediate Problem-Solving and Algorithmic Skills:Expertise Level: Intermediate to Advanced Troubleshooting and Optimization:Expertise Level: Intermediate Communication and Collaboration:Expertise Level: Intermediate

Technical Skills :PHP, Java, Monolith , Microservices and Springboot

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