PhoneGap App Development

PhoneGap is an open source development framework for building mobile applications across multiple devices
Current market consist of cross mobile compatible application, we at infimetrics provide services of same kind to customers saving their cost and time. It’s easy to deploy application in iPhone, Android or Blackberry once developed in PhoneGap.


Infimetrics has hands on experience PhoneGap development and have gained extensive experience in developing superior mobile apps using PhoneGap framework.


Some of our features on PhoneGap App development


Open Source
PhoneGap is an open source framework for cost effective solutions.

Cross Platform Compatibility
Considering the current and future need, our PhoneGap solutions are compatible on various platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows etc.

Fastest Delivery
As the code is written in single language and can be published over multiple platforms, with lesser amount of time required for fastest delivery at the same time on multiple platforms.

Integrated Components
Hundreds of components already developed by the PhoneGap team can be used for the seamless integration and up-to-date product.