Maintenance and Support

We understand the project development extends well beyond the completion of the development. At infimetrics we keep on giving the support and maintenance even after final delivery. We are always the part of project even after final delivery.


There are multiple reasons for a software need an up gradation or maintenance and support. As the business processes are ever evolving over the period of time so does the need to upgrade the system which is developed:

  • It may be required to customize/upgrade some part of the software or a whole new functionality because of the change in business processes identified by the customer.
  • It may be required to make the existing system compatible because of the new advancement in the technology.
  • It may be required to correct the data because of the wrong usage of the software.
  • It may be required to train customer on certain aspect of functionality usage of the system.

Infimetrics has a Support and Maintenance plan available for all the project delivered. We are always available to resolve every client issue, based on the client’s time zone.


SLA’s: We do take up Service level agreements for all the software or applications we develop.