Waterfall Model

Requirement Specification
The first and very important step to gather the clients project requirements deeper and analyze each and every function in depth. We step into customers shoes and try to understand what they want to realize.


In this phase, the project requirement is completely gathered, Analyzed and Documented along with SRS and FRS is prepared with each requirements details on how we will realize our solutions to you.

Wireframe and prototype Design
We do design the wireframe on each of the project as a rough sketch. Based on the wireframe design the realistic interfaces of the system are imagined and then, accordingly images are designed of the pages and create prototype designs for the same.


The designs are provided to have a realistic view to the system as how the application and the software should look like. We take client’s approval on these designs to make any changes along with the feedback.

Application Architecture and database design
Once the requirement is somewhat finalized, our technical head along with the developers take up the task of design the application architecture and database design .


This is the phase where, we create a database design to compliment all business logic needs of the system and prepare Class diagrams to pave a smooth path for coding and further phases of project execution of development and coding in the lifecycle

Development and Coding
The coding is done with strict abidance to all the standards of coding with proper configuration management. The code versions are maintained and kept secure. Code management is done with mapping to the requirements.


Also the code is kept in strict confidential and secured with daily backups of the code

Testing and QA
While development, developers themselves test each part of the application separately as a unit testing and ensure that each unique path of the project performs accurately to the documented specifications.


Our expert team of Quality Professionals draft test scenarios and execute various test cases to make sure the system works as per the Requirement specifications


Following are the testing type we follow for the perfect quality deliverable.
Usability testing, Performance testing, UI testing, Functional testing

Deployment on Live server
The system once tested internally shall then released to be tested as a UAT (User acceptance Test), where the system will be tested on high level along with client before deployment on the live server.


The deployment on live server is done with high standard of security and accuracy. In case of Mobile the Apps are deployed on App store or Marketplace specific to the platform