Project Management

We believe that, as the good developers are required for the successful software project development so as the good project managers are required for the successful project delivery on time and on budget.


Project Management



Based on the client requirement and inputs from the brainstorming session, our project management plans the activities for the Designer, Developer, and Testers with the defined Milestones. Recourses are identified and their task is allocated. Based on the requirement a detailed work breakdown structure is created which enlists the resource assignments, important milestones and deliverables.



The team gets into action once the planning is done and explained by the project manager. A change in scope is managed through a change management process, and integrated in the existing development. Any deviations are controlled through internal checks and balances. Internal Review meetings are conducted with each milestone along with client.



The project managers ensure that the resource, time and effort of the projects are constantly monitored and controlled to meet customer expectations and deadlines. The resource time is tracked with regular timesheets. Regular communication and reviews happens with the customers as and when required to keep the clarity on the project which eventually help us to control the direction of the project and keep the project status healthy till delivery.



UAT is planned with client and the project managers who ensures all the desired functions of the software are delivered properly conduct a closure meeting to seek customer feedback. The feedback helps us to evaluate our performance and aim at continuous improvement. Lessons learned throughout the project are documented and discussed among the team, and shared across teams.

We invest in project management to make sure our projects consume the planned resources, effort and time.


Our Project Management approach assures customers an well organized and well managed process for smooth delivery.


The typical project management methodology at infimetrics includes: Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitor & Control and Closure.

Project Estimation

Fixed Cost Method

If the requirement is clear from the client and does not need much change in Scope, Requirement, Design, Business Process etc. then we prefer for the fixed cost method of estimation for the project. In this method the requirements are thoroughly analyzed and documented for the clear understanding between client and us.
Based on the high level requirement document, our Project Manager estimate the planned effort required for the set of requirements. Any change or enhancements are handled with Change Request Control. Separate estimation will be provided based on the new effort required.

Time and Material Method

This method is adopted when the project clarity is not present at the first place but gradually develops as the product gets into development.


The client can better judge the evolution of the product and can decide on the features to be added or deleted. The time and material method is handled with Agile methodology.
The resources are identified and actual efforts consumed are recorded and tracked with the help of daily or weekly timesheet.