A digital solution has been developed for the trainee pilots to effectively book an aircraft based on the availability schedule while keeping and maintaining the log of the flight data for future reference.


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Logistic Transportation

Business Need

Being flight school training the future pilots based on the global aviation guidelines, the flight school have strict time schedule for all its pilots to book an aircraft in advance and log the flight data into the self-managed system.

The Problem

The flight school administration and the trainee pilot students’ needs to book the grounded aircrafts for their training based on the schedule. The process of booking the aircraft was manual, over the phone or email which was tedious and time consuming. Also the administration has to keep office administrator to manage this schedule.


Infimetrics provided the mobile and web interface solution to trainee pilots to book the grounded aircraft independently. This helps them to schedule the flying time efficiently and can manage their slots accordingly.

The pilots can now book an aircraft from their mobile application. The flying time and schedule is maintained as a log which is sent to administration for evaluation

Benefits Achieved

The booking process becomes faster
Reduction in manual effort saving cost and time
Data is maintained digitally
The customer satisfaction as a digital experience.