Infimetrics developed a customized mobility solution for a bio tech firm to collect the data in real time to improve the workplace productivity along with improving QC processes.


I-Phone I-Pad Microsoft Azure



Business Need

An US based biotechnology company was spending hours to compile the QC data from each department and generate the critical results helpful for management to take corrective and preventive measures.

The Problem

Currently the company was using a paper-based approach to collect the data in the form of a checklist and submitting the result to the management. The other department was compiling and creating results in excel spreadsheets. This method was erroneous and time consuming and the company was in dire need of a technical solution.


Infimetrics designed a Process digitization solution using mobility technology to capture the critical data in the form of a checklist from each department. The data was synced in realtime to the server and data analysis is generated in real time for the management to make a quick decision improving productivity and efficiency.

The solution was hosted on a Microsoft Azure and application uploaded on INTUNES internal server

Benefits Achieved

The solution Improved the productivity and efficiency of the team
The solution resulted in Improved QC Process
With the application real time monitoring of data is possible
Data analysis of data for management decision

Features Incorporated

Calendar event
iOS based design architecture
User management
Single signon