After understanding and analyzing the customer pain points in the existing process of collecting and managing the data Infimetrics designed and developed the mobility solution as a data collection tool and web portal to view and analyses the data in real time which helped the customer to reduce the effort by 60 percent in real time.


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Market Research Retail

Business Need

Being a market research company in retail Industry, the client has to perform the tedious task to collect the real time data, process and analyze it. By collecting the real time data, our client could know the present situation and can achieve

  1. For the Management to make an accurate decision
  2. To know the real time condition of the physical product in the Market.

The data collection process was done manually by the sending the sales agents to various site locations across Europe to collect the data input manually by filling the form and taking picture with the handheld camera. The company was great in need to find a solution to this problem to optimize the process with the help of mobile technology.

The Problem

The process of collecting the data manually on the paper sheet with some questioners and attaching the photograph number to it, was a very tedious work, also the data then again sorted in the office which was consuming huge amount of man effort with lots of human error which was resulted in the wrong analysis of the data.


As a solution to this problem, a mobile application was developed for the sales team to collect the data with the help of mobile phone.

In this way, the head of sales team can easily know the status of the work of all the sales person. For the sales team it was easier to collect the data with the help of a mobile application. The collected data was synced at an instance to the server to generate reports and analytics.

In the backend daily tasks with the location for the sales person can be created which can be viewed by the sales person. An individual sales person can see his/her own tasks as per location can be viewed , as RED ( Pending tasks) , the sale person can now work on the task to collect the data , in this case the task identified as Yellow (Work in Progress) Task. Once all the tasks are completed by the sales person the status of the task changes to Green (Completed)

Benefits Achieved

The data collection for the sales person was made easier with the help of a mobile app.
The sales person can now know what tasks to perform for which location date wise
The sales team can check the status of the tasks they perform
The head of sales team can know the status of each sales persons task and location
The data is synced to server in real time to analyze the data
An optimized process which increases the productivity of sales team.