Infimetrics designed a solution for the insurance company in UK for the doctors to manage the insurance cases. The solution could save the patient/doctor time and make the claim process faster.


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Business Need

Being an insurance company, the doctor needs to evaluate the patient for the claim processing. The doctors had to spend huge time in managing and maintaining the record of the cases along with the patient. The doctors also need to travel to the patients address during Covid-19 and was not recommended. The client needs a virtual meeting integrated software.

The Problem

The doctors empaneled on the insurance company, were struggling to manage the cases provided to them for claim processing. Also, travelling to patient address during Covid-19 pandemic was not possible. The claim process was getting delayed and leads to customer dissatisfaction.


The solution offers the doctors and the team, mobile application to effectively manage the insurance cases. The doctors and patient can easily schedule an appointment for the accident cases evaluation.

The communication between doctor and patient becomes virtual saving major time in travel along with fast claim process.

Benefits Achieved

The insurance claim process becomes faster.
The doctors can now easily manage the claim cases
The process is optimized to improve doctors productivity
Ease of scheduling and communication .